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Korean Egg Fried Rice

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Do you have some leftover rice at home and do not want to just eat it plain? Well, how about you make a little meal of it for yourself!

This super easy and simple Korean Egg Fried Rice recipe can be made with just 3 ingredients in no time.

Why will you like this Korean Egg Fried Ric recipe?

It uses leftover rice:

You do not know what to do with the leftover rice and do not want to eat it plain, then this recipe is the best for you. It uses leftover rice, which not only uses the leftover rice, but also makes it easy for you to make a whole new dish in no time!

It requires just 3 ingredients:

If you have leftover rice, some green onions and eggs, then you’re good to go! This recipe literally uses just 3 ingredients.

It is easy to make:

Making this recipe is so easy and literally be made in 10 minutes! All you need is just a few ingredients and you can make this recipe quickly.

Main Ingredients in this Recipe

Leftover Rice:

Instead of discarding leftover rice, simply turn it into a new dish! This recipe requires a cup of 2 of leftover rice (of course alter the recipe as to how much of leftover rice you have) and you can then make this delicious Korean Egg Fried Rice.

Green Onions:

The reason this recipe uses green onions is because of its flavour and fragrance. Green onions can be substituted with regular onions, but the flavour may not be as good as adding in green onions.


Well, adding eggs into fried rice is always optional, but most often, never skipped. This is because eggs not only make fried rice richer, more flavorful and of course they are rich and protein and make the dish more wholesome and nourishing.

Korean Egg Fried Rice

  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 cups leftover rice
  • 3/4 cups green onions
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Into a bowl, separate the egg yolks from the egg whites and set the egg whites aside.

  2. Beat the egg yolks well and mix it along with the leftover rice.

  3. Take a frying pan and smear some oil. Once heated, toss in ½ cup of the green onions and fry for a few minutes. Thereafter, add in the egg whites and scramble fry it for a few minutes until cooked.

  4. To this, add in the egg and rice mixture and fry for a few minutes(mixing now and then), until the egg is cooked.

  5. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste, mix and it is ready to eat.

  6. Garnish with the remaining ¼ cup of green onions and serve hot.

Alternative Ingredient Substitutes

Green Onions: In case you do not have green onions at hand, you can substitute it with regular onions in the same proportions. But regular onions take longer to fry and you will have to fry them for a longer time, as compared to green onions.

Recipe Additions

If you wish to make this recipe richer and heavier, you can add in a few more ingredients, but this is optional.

Shredded Chicken: Just boil a few boneless pieces of chicken with a sprinkle of salt and pepper (not too much, as the fried rice already contains salt) and shred it into bits and add it into the fried rice.

Soya Sauce: If you wish to add in a little more flavour to the fried rice, adding in ½ to 1 tablespoons of soya sauce can do the trick (but you may need to lessen the amount of salt you sprinkle while making the fried rice).

White Vinegar (diluted) or Lemon Juice: If you like to add a little tangy flavour to your fried rice, then add in 1 to 2 teaspoons of dilute white vinegar or lemon juice (not both).

Carrots, Beans, Capsicum: Adding in ½ a cup of mixed vegetables like carrots, beans and capsicum (steamed or boiled and cut into small bits), can make your fried rice more wholesome.


  • If you have soy vinegar, then you can use soy vinegar (maybe ½ to1 tablespoon) instead of white vinegar and soy sauce.
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